The Northern Resistance Movement & Cultural Marxism

The neo-Nazi Northern Resistance Movement (NMR) was founded in Sweden in the late 1990s and has since established small satellite groups in Finland, Norway, and Denmark. The NMR aims to establish, using “all available means”, a National Socialist Republic across the Nordic and Baltic countries of Northern Europe.

Although its active membership may currently number far less than a thousand, the NMR  has been growing rapidly since 2015. According to one study of the group (as referenced in A December 2016 The Sun story on the NRM) , a high proportion of its most active members are associated with acts of violent crime and weapons offenses.

Not only does the NMR’s political manifesto explicitly identify “cultural Marxism” as part of a Zionist project aimed at world domination, but the term “cultural Marxism” appears on over two hundred and forty different pages on the NMR’s website according to a dedicated Google search of the site

The alleged “Frankfurt School” origin of the cultural Marxism plot has even been featured on the site, through an image of the Frankfurt School leadership that was originally featured on the American neo-Nazi Stormfront website.

This evidence suggests that the William S. Lind / Paul Weyrich promoted “cultural Marxism” conspiracy theory is anything but incidental to the worldview of NMR leadership but, rather, has become deeply woven into their outlook.

In January 2017, three former NMR members were arrested as suspects in a terrorist bombing attack, on an immigrant refugee center in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, that seriously wounded one person.

The NMR is openly anti-LGBT rights, racialist, and anti-Semitic. As one detailed account of the group describes, NMR members ‘believe that “Zionists” are behind the Multicultural agenda and want to destroy Western civilization from within’.  The official NMR manifesto, Our Path”, states NMR’s top goal :

“Immediately stop the mass immigration. Repatriation of the majority of all who are not northern European or of closely related descent is to begin as soon as possible. They are to be returned to their respective countries of origin or neighboring regions in the most humane way possible.”

The manifesto attributes a range of social ills to non-Nordic immigrants : “a major burden on our welfare society” (an economic burden) ; “increased crime” and “culture clashes” and, most importantly, the existential  “threat of our people ceasing to exist”. The manifesto explains this threat in great detail,

“Our racial survival and freedom is the most important goal of the political efforts of the Nordic Resistance Movement. Against this goal there are many threats, including the most alarming and urgent today which is the mass immigration of foreign races to the Nordic countries. This, in combination with the current lower birth rate of Nordic women in comparison to immigrants, and the fact that the immigrated foreigners sometimes conceive with Nordic women and men, result in the diminishing of the ethnically Nordic population in relation to the non-Nordic population. The so-called multiculturalism and mass immigration is in actuality a physical displacement and genocide of the Nordic people.”

The manifesto goes on to outline a völkisch claim that allegedly distinctive Nordic cultural behaviors are manifestations of genetic changes that have arisen within the gene pools of Nordic populations. Thus,

“Traits such as cooperation, ingenuity, sense of order, devotion to duty, and altruism have been the societal result of thousands of years of racial separation.”

The NMR manifesto authors appear wholly unaware of social research showing that some of the enumerated cultural traits – which they seem to consider uniquely or especially “Nordic” – tend to be stronger, almost universally, in cultures and nations whose populations embody a high degree of ethnic homogeneity.

Across the globe, social cooperation – embodied in traits such as altruism, cooperation, etc. –  tends to be higher among ethnically homogeneous groups, and there is likely an underlying instinctual and sociobiological basis to this.

So while it may indeed be true that there is a high degree of cooperative, altruistic, pro-“order” (and so on) behavior among ethnically similar Nordic populations, the same observation could be made of other non-Nordic but ethnically similar population groups – such as, for example, the Japanese.

The NMR’s proposed ethno-state  would bring modern genetic profiling to the task of racial purification. Thus, an NMR regime would,

“Establish a government institution that will efficiently and with the aid of modern genetic profiling, racially asses all people who have acquired citizenship after 1975 and their descendants. Those who have arrived before 1975 could lose their citizenship if they are convicted of malicious activities.”

People who had acquired citizenship after 1975 but who are deemed insufficiently “Nordic” would be deported, but the goal would not be absolute “racial purity”, explains the manifesto:

“Our goal is not to first and foremost create a completely pure Nordic race, but rather to preserve the Nordic people as they are today, where the Nordic racial type is the dominating element in the Nordic gene pool.”

The NMR’s second objective, after stopping immigration, would be to neutralize the alleged influence of “global Zionist elites” :

“The current goal of the global Zionist elite is not only to promote the state of Israel, but also to contribute to long-term instability in all nations who may pose a threat to their power structure. This includes, not least, the ethnically homogenous countries of the Western world. Therefore, all global Zionists work towards not only multiculturalism and mass immigration, but other socially disintegrating ideologies such as liberalism and norm-dissolving cultural Marxism.”

Besides immigration, another major weapon for the “cultural Marxists” is homosexuality:

Cultural Marxism, where feminism plays a central role, has resulted in a generally hostile attitude towards traditional family and community. Those wanting to cause division between the genders have used the issue of homosexuality as a tool to destroy the so-called “hetero-norm”, in other words, the natural order in every healthy society. The influential homosexual lobby has made homosexuality something completely normal, and even in many cases desirable when discussed within the climate of debate that dominates our media and culture today.

The NMR envisions supporting “traditional families”, and encouraging childbearing, through increased parental leave, free childcare, and more “child financial benefits  as well as financial incentives for additional children which will help promote for larger families.” But these pro-natalist incentives would not be extended to nontraditional and same sex families.

There, the NMR aims to enact legal measures similar to those recently passed in Russia:

  • Promote and elevate the natural family ideal between a man and a woman. Ban homosexual marriage and adoption.
  • Outlaw the homosexual lobby and other propaganda targeted at natural family unit.
  • Ban flagrant homosexuality in the public realm.

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