Liberty Roundtable Notes

This series of notes features especially significant statements made on the Liberty Roundtable talk radio show.

LRT 11/30/2015 Sam Bushman with Ammon Bundy.

Bushman (32:55) – “So whether we’re taking on the Bundys, whether we’re calling sheriff Richard Mack – not by name, by inference, without debate – a terrorist, we’re calling all the people that are in support of the Bundys ‘terrorists‘ which would make me a terrorist, I’m the righthand man, the Vice President of Operations for the CSPOA, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.

I completely agree with Ammon and Cliven Bundy. I completely agree with the Hammonds.”

LRT 1/1/2016 Second hour, Sam Bushman with Richard Mack.

Bushman (16:15) – “We all know the Ammon Bundy and the Cliven Bundy ranch abuse scenario. We got another one. We leave today for the event. Alright ? Headline : Call to Action. All able bodied men and women, please come to Burns, Oregon. I stand with the Hammonds in Harney County. Support rally, it’s in Oregon. We all need to be there on or before January 2nd. Come prepared and be willing to stand. Here’s the story:

The federal government forced the Hammond family to sign the sale of their ranch to the BLM and it fined them $400,000 dollars. The feds are also making the Hammonds get permission from the feds if they buy or sell anything over $500. We’re talking about tyranny, ladies and gentlemen. People are going to make a stand against it on Saturday, January the 2nd. That’s tomorrow. Will you be there is the question. Sam, Curt, and Mack leave today. Sheriff ?”

Richard Mack – Yessir, I’m a-going. And I think it’s a very worthy cause that we should not have to be getting involved with. Because the federal government, one, should not be doing this to the Hammonds in the first place. And, two, that local officials should be interposing and protecting the Hammonds from any further action from the federal government.

When even a five-year old would know that this is totally unconstitutional and bogus, and what has happened to the Hammonds is the – they intentionally burned some trees that were totally taking over parts of their land. And it was a controlled burn, and they was fine, and it worked, and then they were charged by the BLM for illegal burning and they actually served time in prison for that.” (18:26)

LRT 7/29/2016 Second hour, Sam Bushman with Richard Mack.

Bushman (49:53) – “One of the big differences, the kind of the changing of our message at the CSPOA slightly is that it used to be focused on just training sheriffs. Now, it’s focused on training everybody. And the idea is, we’re going to create citizens’ brigades, if you will, people who will work with their sheriff and become a great citizens’ support for the sheriff as well.”

LRT 8/05/2016 Second hour, Sam Bushman with Richard Mack.

Mack (second hour, 43:40) – “There is a solution to all of this, and it is county by county, state by state. And the only way the states are going to get on board is if the counties push this agenda : getting back to the fundamental principles that our country was founded upon.

There are very few solutions. There are wonderful groups out there. We work closely with Gun Owners of America. We work closely with the 10th Amendment Center. We work closely with Oath Keepers. But when it comes down to it, boots on the ground – Larry Pratt will tell you that the best way to protect the 2nd Amendment and our rights to keep and bear arms will be with sheriffs, constitutional sheriffs who defend that right.

If we don’t stand against the IRS, if we don’t have sheriffs that stand to stop the IRS, those criminals are going to continue victimizing the people of this county. If we don’t stand against the BLM, if we don’t have constitutional sheriffs standing against the BLM, against the EPA, against the FDA, as we’ve had several sheriffs now do.

We have a proven commodity, Sam, we have a proven solution. What we are disappointed in is that this hasn’t become much bigger and” (Bushman jumps in)

Bushman – “We even have a proven solution against the Clinton Administration of yesteryear, at the Supreme Court ladies and gentlemen.” (goes on to reference Mack’s successful lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Brady Bill).


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